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If I think it’s a bad deal, I’ll tell you.

If it’s a great deal, I’ll tell you that too and help you make it, with the minimum of fuss and paperwork.

Tip #1: The highest offer may not be the best one. Sure, you want to get the best price when you’re selling your house – and I’ll work to make that happen for you, as quickly as possible. However, if, for example, the potential buyer still has to sell their own home – you could end up with no deal. Also, the higher the price, the pickier a buyer may be about the “little” details – particularly in a buyer’s market. They may wait until the 11th hour to come back with a long list of required repairs.

Tip #2: Value (in any type of market) is largely one of buyer perception. Nothing is worth more than what someone wants to pay for it. If they don’t perceive your house is the best deal, they’ll move right along to the next one, regardless of how great your property really is. I’ve seen this happen time and again. People just could not bring themselves to reduce their price and the property ended up setting on the market for months…when it could have sold in weeks, even days.

Tip #3: Taste is Highly Personal. That’s why we realtors talk so much about neutrals – in furnishings, floors, and paint. You and I may love your Buddha collection (I’ve got one myself) – but the potential buyers may not. Before even your first open house with realtors – declutter, depersonalize and get rid of things. If you’re planning to throw out it when you move, do it now! The house will show better, from the very first all-important impression.

Five Success Tips For Sellers